Trenaced – GEP (Parabal Acetate) – 10 ampoules of 100 mg

Trenbolone acetate is the active ingredient of this product. Trenaced – GEP is a fast-acting injectable form of the powerful anabolic steroid trenbolone (trenbolone).

The steroid parent (trenbolone) is a derivative of nandrolone and has strong anabolic and androgenic properties. Compared to milligram per milligram, it is significantly more potent than testosterone, both as anabolic and an androgenic agent, although the scales are tilted in favor of its anabolic potential.


  • The capsule contains 10 ampoules of 100 mg in 1 ml Trenbone acetate

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Active substance: Trenbolone acetate (trenbolone acetate) derived from nandrolone decanoate
Other names – Parabolin – injectable form of trenbolone preparation.

Trenbolone Acetate (Trenaced – GEP) is an anabolic injection steroid (liposoluble) for intramuscular use. Trenbolone Balco (trenbolone acetate) is a relatively new steroid. Trenbolone Acetate – GEP contains active substances of Trebonolone / Parabolan. It began to be produced in the early 1980s. by Negma Laboratories, France, and sold in 1.5 ml ampoules, one in pack. The prepa- rate contains hexahydrobenzyl carbonate, a derivative of 19-nortestosterone. Drug is a relative of Deka-Dubrovilla.

Similarity of the two steroids is not limited to the molecular structure, they work almost the same, doping control often confuse which of the two preparations was used. Parabolic < / a> is a little more androgen than Deca. Trenbolone is a great preparation for a basic period. Relatively high androgenic properties provide additional “dryness” to the athlete. These properties give the muscles an expressive and bulky appearance. Trenbolone can also be effective in low-calorie diets provided that large amounts of protein are taken. This anabolic steroid is used successfully both to improve the relief and to increase muscle mass and strength, and without the water retention so characteristic of testosterone or Russian Methane. Trenbolone gives tremendous hardness to the muscles.

The high androgenic action of the preparation reduces the likelihood of overtreatment, speeds up recovery, muscles look pumped, and deeply delineated. Parabolan possesses very strong androgenic and anabolic properties, but does not flavor immediately, so water retention is very small. Since the preparation does not retain water, it should not be expected to have a sudden increase in body weight, but a rise in quality muscles. The body has a life of 2-4 days.

Trenbolone Balco Dosage and Combination

Most athletes inject him twice a week. Experience has shown that good results are achieved at doses of 1 ampoule / 76mg / every 2-3 days. A very good combination is 76mm. Trenbolone every two days and 50mg. Winstrol a day or 50mg. Testosterone propionate every two days. Athletes who are interested in a faster muscle gain often add 30 milligrams. Methandrostenolone per day. In complex with Anavar (25mg Anavar per day), the preparation is used for strength training in athletes wishing to go up in the higher category. Gynecomastia in the use of this product is rarely seen only in long-term use in very high doses. When using doses up to 200 mg. weekly preparation is slightly hepatotoxic. If use is up to 8 weeks, there is no change in endogenous hormone production.

For longer cycles, it is best to take testosterone stimulants at the end of the cycle. The preparation does not cause electrolytes to change in the blood, so its high blood pressure is rare. For most athletes using it, aggressive behavior is observed due to the strong androgenic action of the preparation. Trenbolone does not become dehydrotestosterone, so acne and hair loss when taken is rare. For every athlete, the preparation works differently, but most of the implementers find it safe to use when used properly. Although no tremendous changes in muscle mass, Trenbolone provides quality muscles and is a multi-purpose preparation of the deca type.

The French version of Parablanc is no longer on the market. There are different companies offering the injection form, so you have to take careful care when purchasing the preparation.


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