Orange KAMAGRA gel (7 packs per 100 mg), Sildenafil citrate

Kamagra Gel contains Sildenafil citrate in sachets with oral gel. The difference between this and the other product is that orange sachets are made with better quality raw materials that cause an even more powerful erection and reduce the side effects, most of which are high blood pressure and red eyes.

The sexual stimulator works successfully in the erectile dysfunction and libido problems. Successful supplement for people who want more pleasure in sex and improve their self-esteem.

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The orange KAMAGRA gel has a higher quality substance in the sachets and causes a more potent erection and has no known side effects, such as high blood pressure.

Two hormones are produced in the male body during sexual arousal – Cyclic GMP, which causes the muscle in the arterial wall of the penis to raise blood levels and phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5) that reduces erection. Kamagra contains the ingredient sildanafil. Sildanavil prevents PDE-5. While active, Kamagra retains the release of the PDE-5 hormone, which allows the penis to be erectile for a longer time. It should be noted that sexual stimulation is mandatory in order for Kamagra to be effective.

How to take Kamagra Gel

It is recommended to take no more than one gel per day – after a meal.

In some cases there is indexing of 1 capsule 2 or even 3 times a day after a single meal, but it is recommended not to exceed the dose. Take two gels a day maximum to avoid worrying about side effects. Kamagra Oral Gel is used to control premature ejaculation and achieve the desired sexual stamina and power!

What is the orange Kamagra? Kamagra is designed and designed specifically for men. It has a beneficial effect on controlling premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

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What does Kamagra orange gel contain? The active ingredients of Kamagra are 4 of the most powerful natural products in terms of sexual dysfunction in men. Each capsule of Kamagra contains standardized extracts of: L-Arginine 250 mg, Yohimbe 50 mg (10% extract), Ginseng 150 mg, Tribulus terrestris 150 mg. The standardization process ensures the purity and effectiveness of each capsule.

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How does Kamagra work? Ingredients have a synergistic effect in premature ejaculation, achievement and retention of erection.

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It helps the formation of nitric oxide and the synthesis of proteins. Nitrogen oxides the blood vessels of the male sex organ, which leads to blood circulation and erection. It has a stimulating effect on spermatogenesis – it increases the number of sperm and improves its mobility. Increases physical endurance.

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It has been shown to increase libido, the frequency of sexual contacts and the quality of erection. It has a beneficial effect on men with sexual interference from vascular and psychogenic origin. It regenerates neuromediators and works on vascular receptors. It leads to a better and longer erection.

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Enhances the effect of nitrous oxide. Increases physical endurance. Removes fatigue and physical exhaustion. As an adaptogen, it eliminates anxiety and helps to overcome premature ejaculation.

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Tribulus terrestris

Non-hormonal extract with androgenic action. It increases the level of male sex hormones (eg, testosterone) by 33%. It restores libido, improves and prolongs the erection. Provides a stimulating effect on spermatogenesis – it increases sperm count and motility. It has some anabolic effect.

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When is Kamagra taken?

Kamagra is designed and designed specifically for men. It has a positive effect on:
– control of premature ejaculation
– retention of erection
– Increased sexual ability and libido
– improving physical and mental strength
– increase sperm count and motility

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How long can we expect an effect? The action of Kamagra comes immediately. The detergent is intended to produce a momentary effect rather than a long-term solution. It usually takes 20 to 30 minutes to work, and it is desirable that it is not consumed in excessive doses of alcohol and food in order to obtain an optimal and complete result.

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Are there any side effects? Kamagra is virtually harmless. Even with long-term intake no side effects have been observed.

Why is Kamarga a more special preparation? Kamagra contains natural ingredients and is harmless. In contrast, synthetic drugs have a number of side effects and give only a momentary solution, and in the long run, the problem remains.

Kamagra has a scientifically proven effect and is economically profitable.

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