Etastanol – Negen (Ukraine) 100x10mg Stanozolol, Stromba

Stanozolol NEGEN has a purity of 11.02 mg in a tablet. The pack contains 100 pills. This product is sought because it works very hard.

Because of its soft nature, ETANTA is also a favorite of female athletes. He has suffered wide media outreach and has often been involved in sports and Olympic scandals, due to the frequent abuse of athletes to improve performance. Classified as doping agent.

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Etastanol is used extensively during periods of “fat” and is very often present in the diet and training regimen of sportsmen. It is considered the absolute or the most harmless anabolic steroid.

Negen Etastanol (Stanozolol tablets) – what it is

Used for appearance and increased sporting opportunities for athletes in Olympic disciplines and enthusiasts – amateur athletes.

Stromba is a synthetic oral anabolic steroid in a pack of 100 tablets 10 mg (100 pills).
Stanosolol in Ukraine is the highest quality of Negen.
The product is called Estanol – Etastanol (Stanozolol 100x10mg Stromba)
Pharmacology NEGEN

(Stromba from a pharmacy in Ukraine to NEGEN Ukraine)

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  • Reputation for the finest sports medicine.
  • We love every racer loved by women.
  • Recognized for realistic, visible properties.
  • Action in positive body conversion.

    Estanol is among the top quality oral oral Stanozolol in the SH | Sportnihrani. This oral medication is one of the most preferable when ordering anabolic steroids.

    Characteristics of Etastanol – Nengen Ukraine (general information)
    Etastanol – Negen is highly anabolic and moderately androgenic. Etastanol of Negen Steroids causes a significant increase in protein synthesis and improved nitrogen retention. Because it does not flavor, no estrogen-related side effects, no water, no gynecomastia if moderate and appropriate doses. It is given 50-100 mg once every two days or every day. Combined with 76 mg of Parabolan every 2-3 days, many bodybuilders also add Masteron, Equipoise or Testosterone Propionate / Testosterone is associated with the addition of anti-estrogens and androgens (protectors) because of water retention and aromatization control. Women often take 25 mg 2-3 times a week or once a week 50-mg injection. Used with Oxandrolone (Anavar), women achieve excellent and quality pure muscle mass.

    Oral and injectable form of stanozolol do not differ in any way. The oral form falls to the pharmacokinetic injector, which is why the more serious builders prefer the injection.

    At the same time, oral stanozolol has one property that makes it almost indispensable in any AAS “cycle”. Interestingly, this property is absent from the injectable stanozolol.
    It is about the ability of the oral form of stanozolol to substantially reduce the level of SGP (sex hormone-binding globulin).

    More info
    Studies have shown that taking stanozolol in the amount of 0.2mg per kilogram of athlete’s weight may lower the plasma glucose level in 50%. Naturally, the decrease in GSF level leads to an increase in the level of free (“effecible”) testosterone.
    From my point of view, the use of oral stanozolol is necessary during AAS cycles, the duration of which exceeds 8 weeks (the preparation should be taken for 7-10 days every 4-6 weeks of the cycle). The preparation is available in a pack of 5 ampoules x 1 ml / 50 mg.

    Products of identical composition and matter (active substance – substance)
    Stanozolol (the active substance / composition of Negen Etastanol) is contained in oral and injectable products. Some of their names are:

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