Enantholic GEP Testosteron Enantat – 10 ampules x 250 mg

Enantholic GEP Testosteron Enantat allows fast results. Speeds recovery and reduces the time of supercompensation, which enables to shorten the pauses between workouts

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Packing: 10 ampoules of 1 ml (250mg / ml)

Active substance: Testosterone Enanthate 250mg

Function: To build bulk muscle and body mass. It provides strength and durability at heavy weights trainings.

Pros: Allows fast results. Speeds recovery and reduces the time of supercompensation, which enables to shorten the pauses between workouts.

Manufacturer: General European Pharm (GEP)

Enantholic is the trade name of one of the classic esters of the male sex hormone – testosterone. Testosterone Enanthate e used in athletics and bodybuilding because of its powerful anabolic and androgenic properties. The drug is an oily suspension for intramuscular injection in the body offered in ampoules of 1 ml with a concentration of 250 g of active ingredient in 1 ml.

Testosterone enanthate is used by bodybuilders during the cycle for mass, since the composition has extraordinary effect on the accumulation of body and muscle tissue. It gives excellent results while providing the necessary strength and endurance needed for training. Another advantage of testosterone esters is that they are absorbed slowly in the body, which allows to reduce the intake during the bulking cycle.

The increase in weight is partly due to water retention associated with aromatization. It has a positive effect on the active athletes, as it prevents the joints and tissues from injuries during weight training. That is why enanthate belongs to the group of steroids, accelerating recovery and reducing significantly the time of supercompensation so that they can reduce pauses between weight training. For athletes undergoing a doping control it is important to know that traces of the drug can be registered in the body within 3 months from the last administration.

The recommended dose of testosterone enanthate is 100 to 500 mg per week. More advanced athletes can receive higher doses – up to 1000mg per week or every 10 days.

Combination with other products: Testosterone Enanthate is often taken in anabolic cycle in combination with other steroids such as Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate), Anapolone / Anadrol (Oxymetholone) or Methandienone. In order to minimize side effects of the hormone is well Enantholic to be combined with antiestrogens such as Proviron and Clenbutherol.

Side effects:
Like all testosterone enanthate esters there is a pronounced androgenic activity and higher risk of aromatization (conversion to estrogen). This may result in the usual estrogen-related side-effects such as gynecomastia, reduced spermatogenesis, water retention, aggression, loss of hair, oily skin, acne, hypertension, and others. These reactions usually occur during exceeded intake (more than 500 mg per week). To reduce the aromatization is recommended the use of anti-estrogens such as Serpafar (Clomifene Citrate) and Proviron.


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